A faster and cheaper solutions than a traditional drywall

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office partitions

DIY WALL Office Partitioning involves the construction of office spaces using PVC panels.

temporary walls

DIY WALL temporary wall system offers you a cost effective solution for temporary walls.

permanent walls

DIY WALL PVC panels are economical and environmentally friendly alternative.

We are a specialist wall interior company focused on providing simple and aesthetically pleasing wall systems for today’s modern and busy lifestyle demands.

With DIY WALL you can expect the best what is available on the market. DIYWALL PVC Panel is the easiest wall to erect because if the simple modular designs, absolutely no timber frame needed, no gypsum board, no nailing, no plastering, and no painting necessary! With custom made lengths we are offering easy to install walls that are class A fire rated, environmentally friendly and reusable.

Our selections of PVC panels

DIY WALL premium white panel


PVC PANELS FROM $39.00 m2 incl. GST

DIY WALL PVC panels come in 2 different kinds "Economical" and "Premium". Both panels are tongue groove and 30mm thick.

    Key benefits:

  • Rapid and easy to install reusable & easily relocatable
  • Pre-finished panels & tracking
  • Durable & weatherproof PVC
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Available in different length panels up to 10m high
  • Easy fit tongue and grove panel for fast mounting & installation.
  • Use for both walls and ceilings
  • Seamless finish
DIY WALL robust panel


PVC ROBUST $64.50 m2 incl. GST

PVC robust is simple, quick and clean to install, and is suitable for self installation. The panels comes in standard 2.5m, 3m, and 6m lengths, 1.2m wide and are 35mm thick.

    Key benefits:

  • Reusable and relocatable panels
  • Pre-finished panels & tracking
  • Durable & weatherproof PVC
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Available in different length panels up to 6m high
  • Use for both walls and ceilings


HYGIENE-CLAD $30.00 m2 incl. GST

Hygiene-clad PVC Wall and Ceiling Panelling is designed to satisfy your most demanding expectations.(Stocked lengths availabble from 3.6m to 5.8m)

    Key benefits:

  • Ideal replacement for conventional wall systems
  • Cost effective compared to other materials
  • Won’t support bacterial growth
  • Won’t corrode and is resistant to most chemicals
  • Pre-punched nailing flange
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Use for both walls and ceilings
  • Bright clean appearance
  • Virtually maintenance free – just wipe it clean
  • Highly resistant to moisture and mold
  • Class A fire Rating

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Build your DIY WALL just with a handfull of tools


Use a fine tooth blade


to position the panels


Mounting walls and U-tracks.

tape measure

Measuring lengths and heights.


Easy to cut U-tracks to the desired length.

Rubber hammer

Hammering the panels into place.

Download DIY WALL installations guide. Click on link below.

DIY WALL installation video

DIY WALL recommendation video

Calculate your project

With DIY WALL it is easy to include windows and doors in your design. Provide us the dimensions and expect a fast reply from our quoting team....or work out your own cost using our calculator below!

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See panel types for more information.
Select the panels taller than you measurement floor to ceiling. Hence is you floor to ceiling measurment 2.5m select panels size 2.7m
measure the tolale lenght of your walls including retuns if L-shape wall or U-shape wall.
How many corner does your project have?
What kind of door would you like to selcet. Doors are preassembled with a lockset hinges and door jambs
How many doors do you need?

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product size quantity price
U tracks
corner edge standard 3m
Door jambs set standard
sub total
total costs

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